“If Plan A fails, stay cool..you still have Plans B-Z”

It’s Early May 2016 and I’m fast approaching the big 3-0. Unlike a lot of people, I’m not dreading this milestone. In fact, I’m quite looking forward to it….life begins at 30 right? A chance to do something a bit different and an excuse for some surprises, a big celebration, holiday, nice jewellery, new outfit and sophisticated haircut to match the elegant and wise person I am surely going to wake up as on 25th May. Basically, I considered myself a fun-loving, strong, happy woman who was successfully nailing life, and with a good sense of humour…..Sorry, I lost focus there and thought I was updating my Tinder profile!

Where was I?! Oh yes, my transformation into a strong, independent 30 year old. Now here comes my first piece of advice….”be careful what you wish for”. Turns out, I got all of the things I had wished for for my birthday….and a whole lot more, best of all, it was all free! Here begins my crazy journey and the reason for my blog! It goes like this…..

I am at work one day (I’m a Therapy Radiographer in the NHS- special shout out to this special bunch of people). I receive a phone call from someone who introduces themselves as a Neurosurgeon and says, “remember that scan you had when you had a painful jaw and some mild headaches?”, “Ummm….barely, but go on”, “well, turns out there is an abnormality in your brain and you need to come in to see me as soon as possible”. As was typical of me, I went straight from practical mode….”I need to get some time off work for this appointment, I hope it’s on a day that’s convenient, he sounds sensible and friendly”, to the ridiculously outrageous, “Maybe I just have a super duper extra piece of brain and a hidden super power is about to be unleashed, perhaps I misheard and he said ‘PPI’ not ‘Neurosurgeon”, in about 5 seconds. Anyway, long story short….I hadn’t misheard, he was a Neurosurgeon and I did have an abnormality which would require immediate surgery. So there I was, 2 days after my long anticipated 30th birthday, awaiting brain surgery…I did say I wanted to do something different, so that’s the first thing ticked off my list. A couple of years after all of this, I started writing about my experiences in the form of poetry, an extract of my first one I will share at the bottom to give a more in depth idea of my thoughts at the time.

Needless to say, it was a huge surprise…..a good one? At the time, I would have said, “absolutely not”, but fast forward 4 years, and I would go as far as to say, “no, but a fun-filled, wild, crazy, unexpected roller coaster ride….100% YES”.

So nowadays, my life is completely different to how I imagined it would be, but if I was to update my Tinder profile now, it would probably read: I am an anxiety-ridden, nervous wreck of a woman who enjoys making memes about my funny (yet actually quite unfunny) life. I am reliable (you can guarantee I will throw myself on the floor epileptic style every 3 months) and the best thing about me is that if you upset me, I’ll probably forget. I enjoy speed sports (well riding in a fast moving ambulance with flashing lights, but it’s similar). As well as fun-loving, strong and happy with a good sense of humour (I’d probably leave out the bit about nailing life…nobody likes a show off!). Seeking someone who is calm in a crisis, happy to spend endless nights in A+E and enjoys roller coasters (particularly the ones where you don’t know how high or fast it goes, how many times it goes upside down, whether anything is going to jump out and surprise/terrify you and you’re not sure if or when it’s going to end!!) If this sounds like you, get in touch now….

I’ll leave you with some advice until next time…if you make it to Plan Z and it still fails, you’re not meant to have a plan!!*

*some (but mostly no) details have been dramatised for humourous purposes!!!

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