“You can’t have a rainbow without the rain”

Fast forward 4 years from my disastrous, yet somehow hilarious 30th birthday (I enjoyed it so much I did the same for my 31st birthday!!) and I’m sat on a train heading to Paddington. It’s an exciting day because I am meeting my Godson, Leo for the first time…

My dear friend, Carly is his Mummy. Carly and I have had some wild adventures since we first met at school a whole 23 years ago 😯 She is the egg to my bacon, the gin to my tonic and the calm to my storm!

Last year I was her maid of honour, which is only fair given that the only reason she was getting married and that Leo exists is because of me (ok other factors were involved)…..the story goes like this:

Gin to my Tonic – Carly’s Wedding, July 2019

We’re back to May 2016 and it’s the day after I’ve been told of my ‘surprise’ birthday celebrations! As is tradition, Carly and I always get together for celebrations around our birthdays (she’s 12 days older than me and she’d better not forget it). I travel to London and we have a right old knees up (aka. We walk around London reminiscing about our life in Bristol, drink a bit of wine if we’re feeling particularly devilish and go to bed at around 11pm). Even though I’d just been delivered some pretty shocking news that I hadn’t even had chance to digest myself yet, let alone tell anybody else, I boarded the mega bus (I didn’t want to waste the £2.20 fair!). 4 hours later, I’m sat opposite Carly and our conversation goes something like this….”I don’t want you to panic but I’m going for brain surgery on Tuesday”…..I have received training on effective ways to deliver bad news….”be to the point and clear”, so I think I smashed that!! Poor Carly thought we were just meeting for a milkshake! Anyhow, quick catch up over, Carly and I had a lovely weekend and I’ll never forget how she distracted me that weekend with a visit to the circus (ironic) and the south bank comedy festival (also ironic)! They say that friends are people who make your problems their problems so you don’t have to face them alone, Carly all but underwent the surgery for me that day and I never once felt alone.

Tuesday rolls around and it’s D-Day, or as I like to call it….B.S. Day!! Skip the gory part and I’m wide awake and ready for a visit from none other than my egg, my gin, my calm. Carly strolls in, and with 6 short words, I realise that normal life has resumed. “I’ve met a guy at work”….”right, so what’s the problem?”, “he’s a little younger and his Mum also works there”. Now under any other circumstances and knowing Carly as well as I do, I would’ve said, “Terrible idea. Don’t even go there. What if you get caught having sex in the resources cupboard and get sacked?”. However it seems post-brain surgery me was a little braver and a little bolder. “Fabulous. Go for it. You only live once and life is short”.

3 years after my rock-solid advice, I’m standing beside Carly as she marries Sean, she didn’t get sacked for having sex in the resources cupboard (whether or not this event even happened is unknown) and I’m able to write and deliver an entire poem based on this whole crazy charade! Not quite a year later, I’ve just met him….my perfect godson Leo James Clarke and I am in love! As you can see from this picture, I think I did a pretty good job….

the look of love (or…’I love anyone who gives me milk!’!)

It’s extra special to me that Carly and Sean picked me to be a Godmother to their most precious gift. We’re skipping a large chunk of the story here bit this seems relevant, and what I really wanted to discuss before I went off on a tangent….

Not long after my brain got an airing, I developed epilepsy (now you see where the ‘fits’ of ‘fits and giggles’ comes in)- more on that later….

Not only has this been an unforgettable journey for me (or forgettable if you’re considering the memory loss), my friends have joined me for the ride (how else would I be able to recount my hilarious stories without them filling me in once I was conscious enough to comprehend anything!). I’m not sure how many of them would have agreed to join in had they have known the chaos I’d cause, but none of them have ever complained so I would say that’s an unspoken “yes, we’d love to join you for a never-ending episode of Casualty”! Major players here- Carly and Sean have had to deal with my theatrics on more than one occasion…I wouldn’t go as far as to say they love it, but I think they have found some of it mildly entertaining. Like the time I side-stepped crab-style across the A&E department like it was totally normal, or the time I informed them that there was a dinosaur in the room! In fact, Sean has never even known me to be ‘normal’. So to pick me, an absolute, disastrous clown of a person to play such an important role in their sons life is nothing but the greatest honour and it means so much to me. And despite all my mishaps and disasters, I hope I can teach Leo a few things about life, adversity and the importance of not letting the tough times bring you down. After all, “everyone wants happiness, no one wants pain, but you can’t have a rainbow with out the rain”. I’m a huge believer in everything happens for a reason, and if the result of my brain surgery, morphine induced advice is Leo, what better reason is that?! (Maybe sex in the resources cupboard had a small part to play too!!)

Lots of love

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