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Hi, I’m Hayley

I start sentences with, “I’m not being funny but…”, get burnt on the first day of summer, and feel extreme excitement at the thought of a roast dinner. According to research, this makes me the ‘average Brit’.

I am also 1 in 100…

I’ve never watched an episode of Friends, I don’t have Facebook and I am epileptic. I am a rarity, or as I affectionately like to call it, ‘unique’.

So welcome to ‘Fits & Giggles’, a unique, light-hearted and entertaining account of my great adventure, (otherwise known as life), and how the power of humour has helped me through some of the most difficult times of my life. People always say to me, “these type of things could only happen to you”, and I used to think that was true. But throughout my journey, I’ve learnt that ‘these type of things’ could happen to anyone. So, if I can provide some support to people going through a difficult time, then that is what I hope to do.

When life throws a whole heap of lemons at you, you don’t have to cry about it (you can if that helps), find the humour in it, laugh out loud, create a story and live your best life…..

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